Watch: Mark Kelly Gives Victory Speech After Re-Election To Arizona’s Senate Seat

It’s uh fantastic to be here today.
And after you know more votes have been counted, you know it’s clear that we’ve been successful in this mission … right Gabby?
And I’m so honored that Arizona has entrusted me to represent our state in the United States Senate for six more years.
And I’d like to thank my family my friends my campaign team and the tens of thousands of people over the past few years, who have made phone calls who have knocked on doors, who have chipped in a few bucks and worked late nights and early mornings … you are all the reason that we are successful.
And I also want to thank our state selection officials, honorable Republicans and Democrats who are doing the important work of making sure that Arizonan’s votes and voices are heard.
Their votes are counted as quickly and as transparently as possible now.
After a long election it can be tempting to remain focused on the things that divide us, but we’ve seen the consequences that come when leaders refuse to accept the truth and focus more on conspiracies of the past than solving the challenges that we face today.
And for the past two years as we face these challenges, there has not been a day, not a day has gone by where I have not remembered that I am sitting in the senate seat of Senator John McCain.
Senator McCain embodied everything it was to be a leader and at a time when our state and our country remained divided his legacy his legacy of building bridges and focusing on Arizona is an example of what we all should do and what we should look to especially because while we face serious challenges.
We also know that when we come together and focus on solutions we can make progress after politicians cave time and time again to Big Pharma we finally beat them and we’re now lowering the cost of prescription drugs for seniors.
And after politicians failed to respond to mass shooting after horrible mass shooting, Republicans and Democrats came together and passed a gun safety and mental health law.
And after decades of politicians saying that they’d bring manufacturing back to America, we are finally doing it.
Last month, last month I spoke to an Arizonan named Tarji. Now Tarji is a single mom with three kids who was out of work for more than a year then she found an email in her spam folder inviting her to apply to the Quick Start program at Estrella Mountain Community College.
She applied to this program and she got in and after completing the 10-day program she got an interview and then a job at Intel.
Now Tarji is a semiconductor manufacturing technician.
Now think about that for a second I mean in just a couple of weeks she went from struggling to make ends meet to her spam folder and then to the first, we generally try not to look in there, but this is one time it worked out okay.
But then to the first step in a new career that you can actually raise a family on a career which by the way does not require a four-year degree now that’s life-changing and by creating the jobs of the future here in Arizona and getting folks the skills they need to work them.
We’re going to make sure that Tarji’s story is just the beginning because there is a lot more work to do for mothers like Tarji who are working harder and harder to get ahead for the third and fourth generation farmers in Pinal County who are leaving their fields unplanted in the middle of a drought for the restaurant owner in Flagstaff where the home builder in Tucson who was getting pinched by supply chain bottlenecks.
For the Arizona women who have spent months making it loud and clear that they will not stand they will not stand for having their fundamental right to an abortion taken away and for the parents all across the state who are lying awake at night trying to figure out how they’re gonna afford Christmas presents next month or College tuition next year …
The way to solve these problems isn’t by pointing fingers it’s not by dividing people it’s by listening and finding common ground and as we see in the results here in Arizona and across the country this week no one party has a monopoly on good ideas or the support of voters.
But I have seen that when we seek to represent everyone not just the people who voted for us we’re capable of extraordinary things and nowhere is that more true than here in Arizona.
A state that is defined by our toughness by our work ethic, by the different places we all come from in pursuit of the same dreams for our families.
Centuries ago the Hohoka people dug canals in the dry valley floor irrigating their crops to thrive in the desert.
Today in the view of these same canals we’re building facilities that will manufacture the most advanced microchips ever made.
That’s who we are and that’s where we’re heading but only if we stick together said Arizonans.
My commitment to you remains the same.
I will always be honest with you, I will always put our state ahead of politics and I was always work to find common ground and deliver results that move Arizona forward.
Thank you so much.

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