Enough of killings! Enough of lies! Enough of the deceit! Enough of the injustice! Enough of the greediness! Politics is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. That is the definition of politics according to Wikipedia. It is so disappointing and disheartening that most of our politicians today have in one way or the other turn politics into a deadly game and a do or die affair. In this beloved country of ours called ‘NIGERIA, government officials have been unfaithful to the upholding of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The politicians have formed the habit of reneging on their campaign promises. These have become recurring decimal in Nigeria. It predates this democratic dispensation. Every facet of our dealings is it public or private is laced with high volumeof corruption. Embezzlement of public fund has become the order of the day. Our lawmakers are now lawbreakers. Our courts are no longer the hope of common man. We now have faulty sense of judgment on every national issue. Our thought process as a nation is perverted. The people that make decision for us have lost their humanity. So sad that, our so called leaders have inculcated in our youth love for money than love for the nation. Arguably, there is no nation called Nigeria but a country called Nigeria. Rough clips of youth’s interview on their motive for vying for political offices litteronline space. Their responses are pointer to selfish and personal gain rather than service to the nation. Their motive for becoming Nigeria President is to act like the most powerful President in the world which Nigeria President is adjudged to be. Patriotism is no longer in vogue in Nigeria. The old and the young are self-centered. Is this the type of government our forefathers fought, planned and died for? So disappointing that most of our Leaders have only the love of money and fear of man in them and they have forgotten what the holy book says that ‘vanity upon vanity all is vanity’. Our leaders have totally forgotten that there is a life after death. The place where everyone accounts for his/her action or inaction while on earth awaits the poor, the rich, the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a day of retribution. One’s status at death becomes immaterial, irrelevant and insignificant. The money or fame won’t save anyone because memory of this world follows no one to the great beyond. The politicians have total disregard for accountability to man and God in their dealings. No wonder the youth value material wealth than the means to get the wealth. Can one really blame the youth for having this mindset. No. They see the disposition of their leaders to wealth acquisition and accumulation therefore, they cannot act otherwise because ‘the horse behind follows the one at front in the race’. Where the leader and the led are blind the outcome will be ruinous. The office holders are clueless.  They are not critical thinkers. Theydo not have the right answer to what life really means. The answer to all this misfortunes and misleading in this country is mostly due to the lack of incompetent and clueless office holders. So the question now is who is s/he to deliver us? Where will s/he come from? And when is it going to happen? When will solution come, when will the mystery behind our woe be unraveled to reveal the real ‘Giant’ in the Giant of Africa called Nigeria.

By Folorunsho Oluwasanmi Joel.

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  1. Wow in my entire life I have never seen or read an article this powerful touching ,excellent,realistic,superflous and enlightening God bless the writer

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