Think about different ways you can get your message across to your partner.

To help you in that department, I’m going to divide the romantic ideas into groups according to the five love languages.

Words of Affirmation

If your partner wants to hear how much you love him, you could:

1. Write him a good old fashioned love letter.

2. Send a romantic email to him when he is at work.

3. Text him a heartfelt love message unexpectedly.

4. Place a love note in his car, lunch bag, under his pillow or taped to his laptop.

5. Call your spouse out of the blue to let him know you’re thinking of him.

6. Use crayons to draw a BIG heart in red and write “I love you” in the middle of the heart. Put it in his pocket so he’ll find it.

7. Make a long list of the many reasons why you love your partner then have the list framed and present it to him.

8. If you don’t live together, call your partner just to say goodnight and recite a favorite love poem over the phone.

9. Give your loved one a compliment about how great he looks or what his smile does to you.

10. Tell your spouse that if you had to do it all over again, you’d choose him.

11. Compliment your spouse on your favorite physical trait.

12. Think of 3 ways your spouse has made you a better person… tell him now.

13. Share what you admire most about your spouse.


14. Before parting, tell your spouse you can’t wait to see him again.

15. Get a copy of What I, fill it with heartfelt words and give it to your partner.

Romantic ideas to pamper your man


Acts of Service

If actions speak louder than words for your partner, then you’ll want to focus on gestures that express your feelings. You could:

16. Have flowers delivered to your partner at work.

Romantic ideas to pamper your man


Acts of Service

If actions speak louder than words for your partner, then you’ll want to focus on gestures that express your feelings. You could:

16. Have flowers delivered to your partner at work.

17. Surprise him by arriving home with his favorite drink, snack, or ice-cream.

18. Cook a favorite meal for your partner and then eat it together by candlelight.

19. Pick a bouquet of wildflowers and present it to him with a kiss.

20. Brush your spouse’s hair out of his eyes or clean a smudge on his cheek.

21. Help him to straighten his tie when he’s dressing; be sure to touch him with love.

22. Prepare dinner together on a weekend.

23. Button or zip his shirt; remember to do it with love.

24. Give your spouse breakfast in bed on a weekend.

25. Run an errand for your spouse.

26. Open the car or house door for your spouse.

27. Help him with some house chores or domestic work occasionally.

28. Help your man polish his shoes.

29. Fix something broken for your spouse.

30. Cook dinner for your partner on a weekend.

101 romantic ideas to make your partner feel loved

Physical Touch

If your partner needs regular physical touch, you can:

31. Give your partner a foot or back rub right before bed.

32. Kiss your spouse before going to bed and immediately you wake up.

33. Stroke your partner’s hand spontaneously.

34. Touch your man’s hand or cheek while driving.

35. Sit on your spouse’s laps and cup his face in your hands.


37. Hug your spouse for 2 minutes today.

38. Place your head on your partner’s lap when you’re relaxing.

39. Play with his foot next time you sit together.

40. Play with your partner’s hair or head while talking in bed.

41. Fall asleep holding hands.

42. Scrub your spouse’s back when you are bathing together.


43. Hold hands as you walk side by side.

44. Cuddle up in your pj’s and watch a romantic movie together.

45. Make sure you kiss him before you leave the house and when you get home.

Romantic ideas to make him feel special


Quality Time

If your partner feels loved when you spend quality time with him, you can:

46. Ask how his day went and really listen.

47. Share a story from the news or your day that was interesting.

48. Learn a new joke today and share it with your spouse.


49. Dance together on the porch when no one is looking.

50. Have a tickle or pillow fight with your partner.

51. Share a problem and listen to your partner’s solution.

52. Have a “remember when?” moment… talk about it with him.

53. Dig out the wedding album and reminisce.54. Listen to your spouse’s worries and ask how you can help.

55. Have a shower together once a week.

56. Accompany your partner to an important event.

57. Jog together in the mornings.

58. Rent a Romantic Movie, buy some popcorn and have a special film night at home with your partner.

59. Take long walks together.

60. Hit the gym together or doYoga  twice a week.

61. Accompany your spouse to the barbing salon.


62.play a fun game together this weekend.

Romantic ideas to show love to your man

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